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Photo Galleries of Places in Israel

The idea for this page was to compile photographs I took while travelling around the country. Most of them were taken on a regular camera and put here without heavy editing "to make them look great", but rather with an intention to show places more "as they are".

An ancient city of Caesarea Maritima

Caesarea Maritima used to belong to the Roman Empire; and some time in the past even became a capital of Roman province.

Walking around the ancient ruins of Caesarea

The Dead Sea (Salt Lake)

Photos of the Dead Sea (which in reallity is a solt lake) and adjacent to it the Ein Gedi nature reserve

The Red Sea and Its Surroundings
close to the border with Egypt, near Eilat city

Most of the photos in this gallery we've taken in the area near Princess Hotel that is about 12 kilometers from Eilat city center. Withing walking distance from there, there is border crossing with neighboring Taba town in Egypt.

Some View From the Road That Leads to Eylat

The North of Israel

A Mountainous Area In the Northern Part of the Country

An Area Near The Mediterranean Sea

Tel Aviv and Surroundings

Old Jaffa

Near kibbutz Shefayim

In the Surroundings of Rishpon Settlement Near Netanya

A video of the narrow path near the creek

Herzliya Park (In Winter)

Herzliya Pituach (In Spring)

On the Outskirts of Ramat HaSharon and Herzliya

Views of agricultural and uncultivated lands in the area

South of Tel Aviv


This page was last updated on May 26, 2022